SCORING    100 possible points

Websites must be in English (or judges can select English or French)
Respect copyrights: use images free of protection or preferably created by the firm.

There are 2 broad judging categories:
1. The company, marketing objectives and product (70 points)
2. Site Design and Navigation (30 points)

1. Overall message and strategy (30 points)
The editorial strategy communicates a message about the firm. For example:

  • Who we are (locations/contact/company information etc…)
  • What we sell (product/image/branding)
  • Whom we sell to (target market/marketing strategy)
  • How do we create satisfaction for customers
  • What are our capabilities

2.Communication coherence (10 points)
There should be coherence between website content (language/design/images) and the overall message.

3. Presentation and promotion of the product line(s) (20 points)
The overall graphical impact (slogans, images, tone, graphic expression, overall graphic quality) should reflect a message (emotional and psychological impact, strategic coherence) about the company and its product line. The web site should include a full page advertisement of each of the firm's leading products (aftershave/perfume). Implicitly or explicitly, there is a target market, and communication objectives should correspond to this target market.

4. Branding/Customer Loyalty: (5 points)
Presentation and promotion captures customer loyalty and personalizes the message.  Customers feel important.

5. Customer Support: (5 points)
Additional Customer/Sales Support is evident and useful. Examples:

  • On-line sales assistance. 
  • Customer service and follow up.
  • Information for the customer is provided.
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions)

6. Level of originality: (5 points)
The site should not give the impression of déjà vu (I have already seen that), or only in the case of a complimentary site and different market.

7. Number of useful pages: (5 points)
The number of useful pages compared to the total number; sites should not be over-dimensioned.

8. Complete Visual and Navigation Ease (10 points)

  • Centering the page (horizontal + vertical)
  • Resolution – most screens have an 800/600 or 1024x768
  • Text is not too small/ cohesive across site
  • Speed of downloading is not a burden
  • Links – links are easy to find and cohesive from page to page
  • The 3 clicks rule generally applies

9. Multimedia content (10 points)
Sound, flash and other multimedia content is cohesive with overall message and does not interfere with navigation ease.